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Publiceret den 9. februar 2021

Manfreds legendary Tartar

Finally you can get the recipe for Manfreds legendary tartar.

Tartar of beef with egg cream, watercress and rye bread –

4 servings
400 grams of regular lean beef – preferably inner thigh
6 grams salt
30 grams of rye bread
30 grams of washed and picked watercress or other bitter leaves
1 soft boiled egg
20 grams of Dijon mustard
20 grams of soft sourdough bread (no crust)
(Can be soaked in 20 grams of water until soft if the bread is dry)
110 grams of neutral oil (cold)
Freshly pressed lemon juice – around 20 grams
Good Extra Virgin Olive oil to taste

Clean the meat by removing the fat and sinew, dice in 2 x 2 cm squares. Mix with the 6
grams of salt, place the meat on a flat tray and leave to cool in the freezer for around 30– 45 minutes or until the exterior of the meat has
started to harden but the inside remains soft.

In the mean time, in a blender, add the egg yolk with the mustard and soaked bread and blend until
smooth. While the blender is running, slowly add the oil into the mix, once all the oil is added, the cream should be the consistency of mayonnaise. Season with freshly pressed lemon juice and salt to taste and keep refrigerated until used.

In a food processor, blend the rye bread until it becomes small crumbs. Toss the crumbs with a tablespoon of butter and bake in an oven at 170C until crispy and lightly golden. Alternatively, toast it in a pan.

Grind the meat in a coarse meat grinder, the meat should come out in long strands.

Mix the meat with the watercress, add salt, lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper and olive oil to taste.

Place a spoonful of egg cream in the middle of a plate. Sprinkle a little toasted rye bread
on the egg cream. Place the mixed tartar on top of the egg cream and garnish with some extra toasted rye bread and freshly ground pepper.

Enjoy and keep missing Manfreds …;-)