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Publiceret den 20. februar 2018

Preserving Seeds at Farm of Ideas

Why experimenting in the field, self-sustainability and preserving seeds is so important.

Online travel and food publication, New Worlder, spoke to Christian F. Puglisi for an article about seed preservation. In it they discuss experimentation, sustainability and the work done at Farm of Ideas.

As Puglisi describes, the aim with the farm – besides self-sustainability – is to create a basis for learning and to teach chefs how to be farmers and farmers how to be chefs.

At the core of this is the need to experiment, so the farm is set up to accommodate this.

Learning is very important as it brings us forward. If you have a huge mortgage you can’t experiment and you are thinking in a classic way. We don’t have a mortgage. And we experiment with the goal of looking for higher quality.

Christian F. Puglisi