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Publiceret den 19. februar 2020

In Pictures: Manfreds’ Birthday Dinner

A look on a dinner with the greatest dishes from Manfreds’ 10 years cooked by the former chefs.

The rain was pouring down outside as Manfreds celebrated it’s 10 years birthday with a dinner. See below how the evening went.

1/16 Christian F. Puglisi and Alessandro Perricone check the bookings.
2/16 Current and former head chefs collaborate in the kitchen.
3/16 Wine from Les Vignes de Babass.
4/16 Christian F. Puglisi prepares burned leeks with preserved elderflower & Vesterhav cheese.
5/16 Shared dishes on the table.
6/16 Winemaker Babass Dervieux brought three wines from Les Vignes de Babass for a special wine selection for the evening.
7/16 Head Sommelier and Partner, Alessandro Perricone, presents wines for the guests.
8/16 Birthday decorations and a full bar.
9/16 Lasse Bertelsen was the first head chef of Manfreds starting in 2010.
10/16 Niklas Skjutare (left), head chef in 2015-1016, and Christoffer Karlsson (right), head chef in 2017-2018.
11/16 Rita Chen (right), current head chef at Manfreds, prepares braised red beets with black olives and parmesan cheese.
12/16 Chef Maciej Oleksy talks with guests
13/16 Isacco Bartolini, beverage director, presents wines.
14/16 Chefs in the cold section.
15/16 At the high tables.
16/16 Thanks for all the years.

For Manfreds birthday, founder and chef Christian F. Puglisi wrote the story of how Manfreds, incidentally, came to be – and how Manfreds and Relæ are symbiotically intertwined.