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Publiceret den 16. januar 2020

Chef, Get On Your Knees and Be The Grandmother of Our Generation

Christian F. Puglisi on the true value of food, and why chefs should work at a farm.

In 2016 Christian F. Puglisi opened Farm of Ideas. The purpose was to provide high-quality vegetables to the restaurants in Relæ Community. But he was surprised by the difficulty and the costs of the production.

We’re alienated to the true value of food. The extremely industrialised system have masked what it takes to grow vegetables.

Christian F. Puglisi

This knowledge used to be in the hands of our grandmothers argues Christian. But in this generation, chefs need to take over. For this to happen, Christian F. Puglisi wants to redefine gastronomy. Gastronomy is not only about what happens in kitchens and restaurants.

For me gastronomy is to get the strawberries off the field at the right time.

Christian F. Puglisi

Get inspired to get on your knees by listening to Christian F. Puglisi’s talk at MAD Monday.

You can also watch Christian F. Puglisi’s MAD talk from 2013. Here he tells the story of how he opened the Michelin-starred restaurant Relæ with drug dealers in the doorway and one single vision: to cut everything down to the essentials.