Happy to have you here, my name is Christian F. Puglisi

On this site you will be able to find a selection of all my different activities. In the last decade I have been a restauranteur, chef, activist and author, and I have been behind Relæ, Manfreds, Bæst and Mirabelle, Vinikultur, Farm of Ideas and the Seed Exchange festival.

I have used these restaurants and my skills as a chef and restauranteur to pursue my own curiosity on the bigger and broader connection between gastronomy and sustainability, and between culinary culture and the sublime dining experience. This approach has through the years rewarded us with international recognition, Michelin stars, organic certifications, and numerous awards for both gastronomy and sustainability.

I believe that we in gastronomy have a responsibility to oppose the mass-producing, culture-less, and linear food system that has become our standard today. We live up to it by honoring our greatest task as chefs; combining both flavor and responsibility in the great dining experience.

Inspiring events and caterings

If you wish to cook, eat and enjoy yourself with a greater purpose you can of course visit one of the the restaurants. However, for that special event you can book me or my colleagues for bespoke experiences, catering, talks and events tailored to your needs. Get in touch below.