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Produce of high quality is the backbone of good gastronomy. This is very important to Puglisi Events, and why we’re organic.

That’s why we have our own farm, Farm of Ideas, where we grow fresh, organic vegetables to be delivered fresh every day to our restaurants – or your event.

We have our very own salumeria and dairy production at our restaurant BÆST. In the salumeria, our butchers produces sausages, hams, and much more. Fresh mozzarella, burrata and stracciatella is made by hand in the dairy every day to be as fresh as possible, when we serve it to you.

But we cannot do everything ourselves. That’s why we have selected a handful of producers to provide us with organic, high-quality meat and vegetables from pigs, cows, lambs, and chickens growing up with respect to animal welfare and in natural surroundings. To ensure the high quality and that their values in food production match ours, we aim to have a personal connection to each of them – which means that you often will hear us refer to them as our friends.

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