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Published on 16. February 2021

The sound of Salsiccia

A recipe for roe deer salsiccia with

“Food is to be eaten, not to be broadcasted”

Mikkel Rønnau comes by for an afternoon of cooking in february and we have a talk about cooking for yourself, and the enjoyment in having your hands in the farcemeat.

We are making salsiccia, a spiced sausage, of a roedeer I was lucky to shoot added fat and belly from Hindsholm Pork, the best kind of pork we have in Denmark.

You can listen to the podcast (Danish) here: “Tro på dig selv med Christian F. Puglisi”

Roedeer salsiccia with smoked chilli

  • 3000 g roe deer meat, cleaned from sinews, preferably leg. 
  • 1500 g diced pork belly 
  • 80 g salt 
  • 250 g ryebread soaked in: 
  • 200 g white wine 
  • 2 tsp smoked chilli flakes
  • 2 tsp black pepper 
  • casings for stuffing

Salt, pepper and chilli is tossed with the meat and fat and everything is cubed to 2 x 2 cm.

Everything goes in the freezer to cool down and is ground at the biggest caliber of a grinder.

Mix until the proteins toughen up, add the wine and bread that you can blend mechanically or pull apart by hand.

Fry off a small little tester and check for seasoning.

Stuff in the casings and avoid big airpockets. It needs to be tight but loose enough for you to be able to roll up every second sausage. In case you have gone too lose you can correct it by tightening it further.

Roll up every other sausage and leave it to rest in the fridge – optimally for a whole day. You can then proceed to cut them loose from one another.

Remember to poke tiny holes in the sausages before cooking and to cook them carefully to keep the emulsion with the fat – this results in a juicy sausage.

Røres “sejt” med salt, tilsættes vin og rugbrød som evt kan blendes eller pilles i stykker med hænderne. 

You can use any kind of spices you like and add cheese, bread, dried tomatoes or whatever inspires you.