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Published on 4. March 2021

Recipe: Pizza with potatoes and blue cheese

  • 600 g Tipo 00 flour
  • 150 g Semolina Rimacinata, fine ground durum flour
  • 620 g water
  • 15 g salt
  • 20 g yeast
  • 3 spsk Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 kg medium sized potatoes
  • 4-5 onions
  • 250 g blue cheese
  • Rosemary

At Mirabelle the process is quite intricate and requires no yeast but several sourdough processes – this is a vastly simplified version that can be done in an afternoon. You can also start it the day before and leave it in the fridge over night.

Dissolve the yeast in slightly warmed water and mix it with the two types of flour. Knead it briefly in a mixing machine or by hand and leave it to rest for about 30 min.

Add salt and olive oil and knead it until nice and uniform. Let it rest for about 15 min. and give it a fold grabbing it from the bottom with the tips of your fingers and fold it upon itself. Repeat after another 15 min and let it rest for about 1,5-2 hours more.

Make sure your oven is going at full speed and the highest heat with the top grill turned on. It can serve you well to have a pizza stone in the oven, I personally keep mine in there as most things benefit from it and the stone can easily take the heat as long as you don’t move it around too much. For the pizza it will secure a high heat from the bottom which is required for a crispy bottom.

Split the dough in two and spread it in two trays lined with plenty of oil. Add more Olive oil on top and press it out to the edges with the tip of your fingers.

Slice potatoes and onions thinly and spread them out on the pizze. Add potatoes first, then cheese and onions last. This will make the onions caramelizing nicely. Sprinkle some salt, eventually a bit of garlic and rosemary on top.

Bake the pizza at the highest heat (250c) for about 25-35 min. If the stone is in the middle of the oven you can consider to lift the tray up closer to the grill for a few minutes if you like it more toasted in the edges. – But make sure the bottom is crispy, that is the most important part.

Same dough can be used for a pizza with tomato or whatever filling you prefer. Being in a tray it is less sensitive to the topping so go ahead and add what you want.
When it comes out of the oven you can let it rest for a few minutes on a tray to avoid condensation in the bottom.

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