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Published on 20. July 2021

Manfreds Tartar now at Mirabelle

After experiencing the great frustrations, nostalgia and at times even desperation, over the closure of Manfreds and hence the last tartar being made I realized that I had to get it back up and running, at Mirabelle this time.

Mirabelle is not just a bakery, but also and eatery where we serve the organic craft and quality produce that you know from BÆST but with pasta as the point of reference, rather than pizza.
It made a lot of sense to put the tartar right on there and it has been very well received from both new as old guests.

It is made in the exact same way as we used to do it at Manfreds så get yourself a table booked at Mirabelle for lunch or dinner and enjoy the tartar!

Remember that you can of course also request it for an event here on the site.

You can also check out the recipe here if you want to give it a go yourself.