News from Puglisi X Cooking?

Published on 15. June 2021

The original Copenhagen Spritz!

Since we opened in 2014 it has been a fix point on the menu. A light and fresh start to get a dinner, and the appetite going. It was an obvious call to merge the approach from Relæ and Manfreds while thinking in more “Italian” terms by offering our own version of the classic Aperol Spritz.
But we were very ambitious from the get-go with choosing organic. – So how do you get rid of the nasty Aperol and the cheap Prosecco and succeed in making something fresh and thirst-quenching?

The talented bar-team found Rondò as an organic alternative to Aperol and to consolidate the Italo-Danish connection we topped it with apple cider rather than Prosecco – often quite a lot sweeter than the type of cider we prefer.
This gives a very fresh, acidic and very appetizing start.
We serve the Spritz’ino at both Bæst and Mirabelle.

Check out how we make it